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Great article!

Chris Person chris_t0f@yahoo.com

Nov 15, 2001 [sic]

I could not believe my eye when I read your article…Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American

I don’t understand why people do not agree. After seeing your face on your blog, I understood; you have down syndrome.

Probably too much incest in your family and your mom copulated too much with your brothers, then had you…

You should try to exercice too, you are fat, ugly and registering fat stupid idiot like you is Un-American.

Good luck in houston!!

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“Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American”

Richard James richardpauljames@yahoo.com

Nov 11, 2011

Dear Matthew,

I’ve just read the piece you wrote entitled “Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American.”

I’d like to think I’m reasonably smart and, if I’m not smart, I’m at least well schooled – I was educated at good private schools, then at Oxford, then at the Université des Sciences Humanies de Strasbourg – and I’d like to think, too, that I’m alive to the subtlety of arguments and the subtle sophistication of irony.

That said, I’ve never before encountered such a breath-taking level of intellectual and moral retardation as that which I found in your piece. Do you even know what an argument looks like? Do you know what it means to “beg the question”? These are things I suggest you look up.

I checked your blog and you’re very pleased with your publication record, aren’t you? Well, I’d like to point out that when you’re publishing in the sorts of places in which you’re publishing, it’s pretty easy: acceptance seems to depend on not much more than “shared bigoted views.” At least when I publish I do so in reputable journals and newspapers and with serious presses.

Grow the fuck up. You idiot.

All the best,

Simon (yes, Simon; this is my “writing to assholes account,” not my real one)

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Ken Keeton kendrickkeeton@gmail.com

Sep 7, 2011

Hi, your time is coming, piece of shit.  You have to be the most twisted, retarded, fat headed piece of white trash that ever walked the earth.  You are a traitor to this country and to any country that stands for liberty.  Go fuck yourself,

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Patsy Lowe patsylowe@gmail.com

Sep 3, 2011

I had never heard of you until I read about your idea to deny the “poor” the right to vote.

Lo and behold you look just like so many of the other Righties like Karl Rove, soft, weak,

round, puffy, fat faces. The ugliness surrounds your sissy, weak, persona.

I don’t have to wish you any bad luck, it is all over you.

As Mike Malloy would say, you are a “rat bastard”.

sincerely, patsy lowe    great-grandmother living in  Palm Springs.

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Forrest Trenholm ftrenholm@comcast.net

Feb. 6, 2014, 7:20 PM

Listen to yourself on the Daily Show, imbecilic and disgusting. Don’t tell me, they took things out of context, or re-edited. Look at yourself, you are a Pig.
Start your own Country and get the fuck out of Ours, Fascist. Take Scalia with you.