It Doesn’t Matter If the Obamacare Defunding Gambit Fails

My article from the Sept. 27, 2013, issue of American Thinker: Matthew Vadum with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Awesome) It Doesn’t Matter If the Obamacare Defunding Gambit Fails By Matthew Vadum The current campaign to deprive President Obama’s health care leviathan of the life-sustaining tax dollars it needs for full bureaucratic metastasis is what left-wingers call a consciousness-raising exercise.  It matters next to nothing if current Republican efforts succeed in immediately defunding Obamacare.  That’s because this is just the opening round of what promises to be a protracted struggle to restore sanity to the American health care system.  A temporary defeat … Continue reading It Doesn’t Matter If the Obamacare Defunding Gambit Fails

Obama Prepares to Community-Organize America

My article from the Jan. 22, 2013 issue of FrontPage Magazine: Obama Prepares to Community-Organize America By Matthew Vadum In his latest unprecedented move in American history, President Obama announced he is converting his campaign apparatus into a permanent in-your-face campaign aimed at furthering Obama’s divisive, radical politics. The new tax-exempt advocacy group, Organizing for Action, will “play an active role” in “mobilizing around and speaking out in support of important legislation” during Obama’s second term, the president said last week. In the same vein, in his second inaugural address yesterday, Obama bullied the opposition. Reinforcing his long-running “spread the wealth” theme, … Continue reading Obama Prepares to Community-Organize America

Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American

Here’s a new piece of mine that was published today by American Thinker. Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American  By Matthew Vadum Why are left-wing activist groups so keen on registering the poor to vote? Because they know the poor can be counted on to vote themselves more benefits by electing redistributionist politicians.  Welfare recipients are particularly open to demagoguery and bribery.  Registering them to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals.  It is profoundly antisocial and un-American to empower the nonproductive segments of the population to destroy the country — which is precisely why Barack Obama zealously … Continue reading Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American

Sarah Palin is Right: If Tea Partiers Were Terrorists, Obama Would Pal Around With Them

It is a time-honored radical tactic to accuse your enemies of what you do in order to convert a negative into a positive, as the master of political agitation Saul Alinsky taught. This explains the Left’s newfound interest in the lie that the Tea Party is comprised of “terrorists.” Unless you think petitioning the government for lower spending is somehow akin to flying airplanes into buildings, you’ve got to agree with Sarah Palin, who on this issue is a voice of sanity and common sense. As President Obama and his merry band of Marxists continue driving America off a cliff, … Continue reading Sarah Palin is Right: If Tea Partiers Were Terrorists, Obama Would Pal Around With Them

Obama officials admit POTUS was lying about default

President Obama has no intention of allowing the U.S. government to default on its financial obligations regardless of whether the government’s borrowing limit is raised, Charlie Gasparino of Fox Business reports. This means that the president has been bargaining in bad faith with congressional leaders by raising the specter of a default, knowing full well he won’t allow it to happen. This is another way of putting it: the president has been lying to the nation. As Gasparino writes While officials from the Obama Administration raised their rhetoric over the weekend about the possibility of a debt default if the … Continue reading Obama officials admit POTUS was lying about default

Economic Terrorism’s Big Comeback

(originally published at Front Page Magazine, a publication of David Horowitz Freedom Center) Economic Terrorism’s Big Comeback By Matthew Vadum Radical activist groups associated with President Barack Obama have launched a campaign of economic terrorism and sabotage – possibly with his blessing. Mortgage and student loan strikes, crippling bank boycotts, intimidation, and who knows what else are all on the agenda. The idea of leftists using terrorism to achieve political objectives isn’t new. Leon Trotsky supported the use of terrorism to advance so-called social justice. Decades before an ice-axe found its way into his skull, Trotsky argued in Dictatorship vs. Democracy that … Continue reading Economic Terrorism’s Big Comeback

Historian Michael Zak gives Vadum’s Subversion Inc. book a big thumbs up

Historian Michael Zak (of Grand Old Partisan) likes my book Subversion Inc. Zak is author of Back to Basics for the Republican Party. Here is an excerpt from a post of his on my book: Matthew Vadum has described it as a “brilliantly orchestrated criminal organization” that is “part political group, part crime syndicate, part terrorist organization.” Banks and other corporations have paid it billions of dollars in protection money, while the government pays it billions more. Law enforcement cannot keep track of its opaque, endlessly shifting, illicit operations. Anyone who gets in the way is subject to “thuggish tactics.” … Continue reading Historian Michael Zak gives Vadum’s Subversion Inc. book a big thumbs up

USS Cesar Chavez? Why not the USS Saul Alinsky?

Incredibly, the U.S. Navy has decided to name a cargo ship after the guy who came up with the Obama campaign slogan, “Yes, we can!” That man is the late labor agitator and community organizer Cesar Chavez. Chavez’s union, the United Farm Workers, used the saying he coined as its official motto. (In Spanish, “¡Sí se puede!”) The decision to name a Navy ship after this radical is remarkable not only because President Obama’s teleprompter has the phrase “Yes, we can!” burnt into it from the phrase’s overuse, but because the far-left leader was a disciple of communist sympathizer Saul … Continue reading USS Cesar Chavez? Why not the USS Saul Alinsky?

Please buy my book!

I have a preview article out on my new book, Subversion Inc. Read the article here. (PDF) Here is the beginning of it: The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is part political group, part crime syndicate, part terrorist organization. Much of the time it operates outside the legitimate political process, waging war against the framework of society. ACORN is in the business of subverting the American system, so what Americans saw on the undercover “pimp and pro” videos released in 2009 was just another day at the office at ACORN. But the darkest side of ACORN has remained largely unexplored – until now ACORN, which until … Continue reading Please buy my book!

Obama threatens reporters for — reporting!

It is so typical of Saul Alinsky-inspired thugs to lash out and threaten reporters when information they don’t like gets reported. The Obama administration did exactly that and punished San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci when she dared to release a video of protesters interrupting an Obama speech at San Francisco’s St. Regis Hotel. Obama’s people kicked Marinucci out of the reporting pool for doing her job and threatened other pool reporters. Although radical leftists like Obama relish ridiculing their adversaries, they cannot tolerate it when the same is done to them. Read more about the brutal tactics of Alinskyites in … Continue reading Obama threatens reporters for — reporting!

From the twisted mind of Obama green jobs czar Van Jones: America has a culture of death because we use fossil fuels

First, global warming con man Al Gore compared companies’ search for energy to “junkies looking for another vein.” Now self-described communist, Obama pal, and 9/11 truther Van Jones one-ups the master. Jones advances the original but totally absurd argument that oil is “death” and that because we use oil our society is death-centered. At the recent Commie Con Power Shift conference Jones passionately declared: We have an energy system, a civilization powered by death. Fueled by death. Why do they call them fossil fuels? We act shocked, having pulled death out of the ground, that we get death out of the skies. … Continue reading From the twisted mind of Obama green jobs czar Van Jones: America has a culture of death because we use fossil fuels

Cynical Budget Deal Funds ACORN Wannabe Poverty Pimp Groups

I found yet another reason for conservatives to hate the budget deal. The compromise spending legislation now before Congress funds ACORN-like radical activist groups to the tune of a whopping $680 million in fiscal 2011. Bear in mind $680 million is virtually nothing compared to the trillions of dollars the feds regularly flush down the toilet but these nasty, parasitic pressure groups that want to bring “hope and change” to America can do a lot of damage to our society with that money. They’ve been trying to transform America for the worst and using your tax dollars to do so ever … Continue reading Cynical Budget Deal Funds ACORN Wannabe Poverty Pimp Groups

The Smallness of Saul (Alinsky), a book review

(this article by Matthew Vadum was originally published in the October 2010 issue of the American Spectator) Radical: A Portrait of Saul Alinsky By Nicholas von Hoffman(Nation Books, 214 pages, $26.95) “Although Alinsky is described as some kind of liberal left-winger in actuality big government worried him,” writes Saul Alinsky protégé Nicholas von Hoffman in his gossamer memoir,Radical: A Portrait of Saul Alinsky. “He feared the gigantism of government, corporation and even labor union.” Von Hoffman is trying to recast Alinsky as a government-fearing libertarian in order to make his communistic beliefs more marketable. It’s a project doomed to failure. … Continue reading The Smallness of Saul (Alinsky), a book review