Smearing Patriots Like Pamela Geller Is Just Another Day At The Office At The Southern Poverty Law Center

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(originally posted at NewsReal blog)

Jeff Dunetz detailed the
repulsive, malicious, counterfactual attack on the prolific blogger Pamela
by the character assassins at the fundraising firm and phony watchdog
group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center. I’ve been studying the megabucks slime factory for
years. Among many other things, the SPLC is effectively pro-Islamic terrorism.
Why else would it consider the Muslim Brotherhood front group, Council on
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), upon which it bases its attack on Geller, to
be credible and trustworthy? Something’s going on there that neither group is
talking about.

The SPLC argues that opposition to totalitarian Islam is racist and
un-American. And who’s out in front railing against this danger? You guessed it:

But the SPLC does so much more than shill for America’s enemies. If it is
good and decent, chances are the SPLC is against it. And if it conflicts with
the ultra politically correct, unintelligible identity politics-infused Marxism
of its leaders, it must be annihilated.

It habitually tries to incite hatred against good, law-abiding Americans who
hold traditional American views, e.g. respect for the Constitution, limited
government, and enforcing immigration laws and protecting the border. If you
stand up for these things you are a drooling monster. It’s all part of the
ongoing leftist effort to stigmatize and delegitimize the views of everyday
Americans who love their country and its free institutions.
The provocateurs and malcontents of the SPLC are in roughly the same category
as Media Matters for America except it ties its messages more closely to its
fundraising and is way more space-cadet radical. They’re kooks with a capital K.
(A fascinating “K” coincidence: the SPLC suffers from acute paranoia when it
comes to the KKK, a loathsome but laughable group whose ranks have been
decimated in recent decades. The grand cyclopic wizards or whatever they’re
called of the Ku Klux Klan would have trouble organizing a two-car funeral
nowadays. They’re forgettable losers.)

While Media Matters is positively obsessed with destroying Republicans and
specific issues, the extremely wealthy bullies of the SPLC are just plain
obsessed with destruction, like anarchists with Ph.Ds in bomb-making. (I’m not
sure there is such an academic specialty but go with me on the simile, OK?)
SPLC publications are positively kooky. From an article I wrote for the

The SPLC also published an article claiming that the immensely popular film,
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, was “little more than a
glorified vision of white patriarchy.” Another SPLC author argued that the
“Harry Potter” book series, which uses the term “half-blood” in a discussion of
how characters acquire magical powers, was racist. Who knew the endearing little
magicians of Hogwarts were actually agents of Nazi-like racial
One SPLC article warns against the dangers of little girls dressing up as
princesses on Halloween: “Too often, beautiful at Halloween means white, blonde,
princess masks. What statement does your Halloween costume make about what
constitutes beauty — and about who is beautiful and who isn’t?”
The Center lumps all sorts of groups on America’s political right together,
labeling them enemies of the Republic. Conservative, libertarian, anti-tax,
immigration reductionist and other groups are all viewed as legitimate targets
for vilification. To the SPLC, you practice “hate” whenever you fail to
genuflect with politically correct reverence before every human

The Southern Poverty Law Center views America as a terrible place that needs
to be radically transformed. Unsurprisingly, people who defend what’s good in
America, such as Pamela Geller, constantly find their way onto the group’s
target list.

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