A note on Michael J. Gaynor’s careless blog post

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Fellow ACORN hunter Michael J. Gaynor, who like me was praised by Michelle Malkin for pursuing the ACORN story when it was being ignored, is certainly entitled to his opinion about my book Subversion Inc., but he is not entitled to his own set of facts.

In a blog post Gaynor asserts that I failed to include in my book

a story that the American voters need to know–the story of how Anita MonCrief, an ex-ACORN insider, became a confidential source for The New York Times in the summer of 2008, The Times killed an ACORN/Obama expose before Election Day 2008, Times reporter left MonCrief a voicemail message that “higher up” had ordered her to “stand down” and then explained that Times policy was not to publish a potential “game changer” close to election day, and MonCrief then testified in an ACORN case in Pennsylvania before Election Day 2008, after voting for Obama, became disillusioned and provided to Congress copies of her email exchange with Strom and the transcript of her testimony in the Pennsylvania case.

In fact I describe the above events at pages 45 and 46 of Subversion Inc.