Blogger Aaron Walker sues “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin

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Conservative blogger Aaron Walker is fighting back hard against his terrorist tormentor, Brett Kimberlin, the infamous “Speedway Bomber.”

Walker, who blogs as “Aaron Worthing” at Allergic to Bull, was jailed at the direction of Kimberlin after daring to blog about his criminal history. Kimberlin is a practitioner of the dark art of lawfare.

Incredibly, a Maryland judge, Cornelius “Brandenburg Shmandenburg” Vaughey, ordered Walker not to blog about Kimberlin. Criminal charges against Walker for allegedly violating the gag order have already been laughed out of court but the shut-yo-mouth injunction remains in effect.

Kimberlin, who served about a third of the 50 year federal prison term he was given, terrorized the town of Speedway, Indiana for a week. One of his bombs ripped off the leg of a man who became so despondent at his loss of mobility that he committed suicide.

The litigious Kimberlin brags about the legal skills he acquired behind bars. The felon-cum-progressive activist targets people who write about him or who just plain annoy him. (For a primer on the Kimberlin saga, read one of my previous articles. For a primer on the Walker versus Kimberlin saga, read another one of my previous articles.)

Kimberlin’s mischief got Walker and his wife fired from their jobs and sent blogger Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain into hiding.

Walker is now employing a two-prong legal strategy. (Or maybe it’s four prongs. I’m not sure what the Prong Protocol is here.) Attorney Reginald W. Bours III plans to apply next week to have the gag order (called a “peace order”) lifted. 

Bours also filed a Maryland lawsuit against Kimberlin.

Another attorney representing Walker, Bruce Godfrey, filed a federal lawsuit seeking $1 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages. Like Bours, Godfrey has also moved to macerate the gag order. 

That’s a lot of paperwork but it’s nothing compared to the 100-plus lawsuits that Kimberlin brags about filing.

It’s also nothing compared to the suffering he’s caused.