Hate email from someone of diminished capacity

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Apparently unemployed computer guy Forrest Trenholm of Weymouth, Mass., didn’t like my appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Wednesday (Feb. 5, 2014).

It’s not entirely clear what he was objecting to since he was incapable of explaining himself properly but I thought the email was amusing so here it is:

Forrest Trenholm ftrenholm@comcast.net
7:20 PM (16 hours ago)
Listen to yourself on the Daily Show, imbecilic and disgusting. Don’t tell me, they took things out of context, or re-edited. Look at yourself, you are a Pig.
Start your own Country and get the fuck out of Ours, Fascist. Take Scalia with you.

I’m not sure why so-called liberals like to lead hate emails with stuff like “don’t tell me they took things out of context” as if I’m supposed to be defensive about what I said on the show.
I like to think I’m pretty careful when speaking and I stand behind what I said on the show, which was, by the way, entirely factual and very mild in tone.
The only person whining is this guy, Forrest Trenholm.
Left-wingers are on a never-ending quest to be offended. Good luck on your journey, Forrest Trenholm.