EXCLUSIVE: ACORN’s Project Vote is dead: If you hate voter fraud, you should be happy

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I’ve been so busy covering the leftist uprising in the country that I just noticed that Project Vote announced it was shutting its doors on May 31 of this year.

Project Vote, the voter mobilization division of now-defunct ACORN, leaves behind a legacy of lies, criminal conspiracies, and voter fraud, including millions upon millions of fraudulent voter registrations. Barack Obama worked for Project Vote in 1992 when he conducted a voter drive that helped to elect one-term U.S. senator, Carol Mosely Braun (D-Ill.), who like Obama in office, was friendly to African dictators.

The Project Vote website contains a goodbye message:

Dear Friends,

It is with a great deal of sadness that we share the news that Project Vote will suspend its operations indefinitely, effective May 31st.

This decision was made by the board of directors and management of Project Vote, and it was not made lightly. The funding environment for voting rights and civic engagement work has never been easy, and it has grown increasingly challenging over the past few years as foundations have cut back on their giving in this area, the civic engagement environment has been restructured, and competition for limited funding has increased. For a single-issue nonprofit like Project Vote—without a diverse portfolio of work to fundraise on—we were ultimately forced to admit that our current model had become unsustainable.

All of us at Project Vote are very proud of the work we have accomplished over the years with a small, dedicated staff and a very tight budget.

We helped millions of Americans get registered to vote through our direct engagement projects, and we’ve trained countless organizations to run efficient, effective voter registration drives. We’ve won lawsuits in more than a dozen states to enforce the NVRA and ensure low-income Americans were provided the opportunity to register to vote, and we estimate this work alone has accounted for at least three million additional registrations. We’ve pushed back against suppressive legislation—particularly around voter registration issues, which was our primary focus—and helped pass laws in many states to make it easier for eligible Americans to register and vote. The positive impact of this work will be felt for several election cycles to come. […]

Boo hoo.

The message also thanks various funders including the “Agua Fund, the Arkay Foundation, CREDO Mobile, the Herb Block Foundation, the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund, John and Sarah Henry, the Marisla Foundation, Ken Olum, the Tikva Grassroots Empowerment Fund, George Wallerstein, our anonymous funders, and the many individual donors who have supported us through the years.”

Of course, Project Vote doesn’t recount its brushes with the law.

Before ACORN filed for bankruptcy in late 2010, Project Vote was an integral part of the corrupt ACORN network. Project Vote and ACORN were conjoined twins. As such, Project Vote was involved in voter fraud.

As I documented in Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, at least 54 ACORN employees and individuals associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud, a blanket term coined by lawyers referring to fraudulent voting, identify fraud, perjury, voter registration fraud, forgery, and other crimes related to the electoral process.

In August 2011, ACORN was fined the maximum of $5,000 in Las Vegas for its role in a massive voter fraud conspiracy. Judge Donald Mosley said he would have handed down a 10-year prison sentence if an individual rather than a corporation had been before him: “And I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.” Mosley criticized ACORN for making a “mockery” of America’s electoral process. “This isn’t a banana republic,” he said.

ACORN had pled guilty to felony-level unlawful compensation for registration of voters. With the full knowledge of upper management, ACORN illegally offered cash bonuses to its voter registration canvassers in a scheme called “Blackjack.” Canvassers received extra money if they registered 21 voters a day. Senior ACORN executives Amy Adele Busefink and Christopher Howell Edwards were also convicted for their roles in the scheme. ACORN cared so little about the conspiracy that Project Vote, its voter mobilization division, put Busefink in charge of the group’s national get-out-the-vote drive in 2010 while she was under indictment in Nevada.

Busefink even signed the farewell note as a member of the Project Vote staff.

This item by Matthew Vadum first appeared Aug. 29, 2017, at Bombthrowers.