I’m quoted in the Village Voice on Trump and taxes

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It’s always fun to be quoted by leftist Roy Edroso in the Village Voice.

Edroso, who apparently doesn’t follow my work too closely, seems to be saying in his Dec. 26 piece that I am a NeverTrumper:

I’ve been saying for a long time that conservatives who insist Trump isn’t really One of Them, but merely a rude interloper pretending to be conservative, are full of shit. Which Trump policies do they oppose? His hard anti-immigration line? His hatred of Obamacare? His bellicose foreign policy? Even casual observation shows these commentators are mainly worried that, like the recently rejected Roy Moore, the grotesque Trump will make conservative ideas look bad by not being dainty about promoting them.

This was never clearer than last week when the GOP tax bill passed into law. This jury-rigged payoff to rich people and corporations — bought with corrupt dealshated by voterscloaked in mystery till the last minute, and triggering a trillion-dollar-plus deficit increase that makes a mockery of an alleged conservative prime directive — was as Trumpian a grift as can be imagined, yet it was cheered even at conservative venues where writers still make anti-Trump noises.

Among themselves, these conservatives defended the tax bill for its wealth transfers — for example, a cut in the corporate tax rate “from an oppressive 35 percent to a much more competitive 21 percent,” cheered Matthew Vadum at FrontPage Magazine. “A thoroughly Republican tax plan that delivers on long-desired hopes for cuts in corporate rates,” huzzahed onetime NeverTrumper David French at National Review.

Edroso does correctly identify a phenomenon, though. There are more than a few conservative pundits who are worried President Trump “will make conservative ideas look bad by not being dainty about promoting them.”

He’s right. Far too many conservatives are pussies.

(photo at top of Roy Edroso from his Twitter page @edroso)