Amoral Soros denounces coal, buys coal stock: Yours truly is quoted in the Daily Caller

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I’m quoted in the Daily Caller today in a piece by fellow investigative reporter Richard Pollock titled, “George Soros Makes Massive Financial Investments On Fossil Fuels.”

George Soros Makes Massive Financial Investments On Fossil Fuels

Soros is an amoral pig* so of course he howls about global warming but at the same time invests in the very industries that his co-religionists blame for global warming.

I’ll clip from where I am quoted down to the end of the article.

Here goes:

Matthew Vadum, the senior vice president of the non-profit Capital Research Center called Soros “a huge Chicken Little” when it comes to the theory of  global warming. “He rails against so-called fossil fuels –particularly coal, which he claims is ‘lethal’ to the planet — and has lavished mountains of money on the zealots at no-growth environmentalist groups,” he said.

Despite his public statements, he says Soros “likes to hedge his bets. Soros is avaricious enough to buy coal company stock and keep the sector afloat for a while.”

Soros also invests in companies that produce products leftists generally abhor. He continues to own $21 million of stock in Monsanto, one of the largest companies that manufactures genetically modified plants and foods.

Soros also doesn’t apparently mind investing in companies that violate federal law and even hurt such vulnerable populations such as cancer patients.

He announced his investment in AmerisourceBergen, a health care company that pleaded guilty in September 2017 for selling to cancer patients syringes that were not kept a sterile environment in its facility. This resulted in contamination in some syringes and syringes that were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The company agreed to pay penalties of $260 million for the criminal prosecution.

Soros purchased 5,000 shares in AmerisourceBergen last quarter, valued at half million dollars.

Soros once was the 19th wealthiest American with a net worth of $25.2 billion. He reduced that amount to $8 billion when he transferred $18 billion to his own global activist group, the Open Society Foundation.


*Pigs are nice and relatively smart. Maybe I’m being unfair to pigs here.