Why does “conservative” nonprofit Capital Research Center hate Donald Trump?

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It takes a special kind of stupid for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that bills itself as conservative to keep pumping out anti-Trump propaganda but that is exactly what Capital Research Center (CRC) in Washington, D.C., does, more or less every day.

Run by Scott Walter (president) and Kristen Eastlick (vice president of programs and communications), Capital Research Center’s editorial policy is essentially determined by an immature young kook named Michael Watson (pictured above). (Notably, all three –Walter, Eastlick, and Watson– previously worked for Berman and Company, the public relations shop whose employees and allies are now spearheading the Republican effort to impeach President Trump and remove him from office. More on that another time.)

When I call Watson a “kook,” I’m not using the term lightly. Watson is the kind of person you keep hidden way down in the bowels of the office. You don’t want the public interacting with him because it’s clear something is wrong with him. He lacks even the most basic social graces and is famously intolerant. During internal CRC meetings he lacks the self-discipline to shut up and let people talk. He heckles others when they speak and I have witnessed him making obscene physical gestures when others have been speaking. Walter and Eastlick have been present at meetings when Watson has displayed such a lack of courtesy and they have never disciplined him. They’re obviously fine with it.

Walter and Eastlick are also fine with Watson’s frightening Twitter feed in which he back-stabs conservatives and Republicans on a regular basis.

Look at what Watson tweeted yesterday on the second anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration.

He lies about Trump all the time.

Are the hard-working conservatives who support President Trump and donate money to Capital Research Center aware that CRC laughs at them and pees on their conservative beliefs more or less every day?

These aren’t Watson’s worst tweets. Indeed, every day he seems to outdo himself.

Earlier today Watson mocked the Covington kids who fell victim to a vicious smear campaign and were subjected to death threats.

And Watson attacked conservatives who fought back against the smear campaign, sliming them by calling them an “online mob.”

No self-respecting conservative should support these terrible people.