Exclusive photos: The day Capital Research Center fired President Terry Scanlon

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Capital Research Center President Terrence M. Scanlon (photo above; credit: Gage Skidmore) showed up for work on January 28, 2016, having no idea it was his retirement day.

That day Scanlon was suddenly summoned to a meeting with representatives of CRC’s board. At the meeting, he was fired.

For the first time ever a few days ago, CRC formally celebrated its “Day of Liberation” from Scanlon even though most CRC staffers don’t know the backstory.

I took photos of Scanlon’s historic final staff meeting at CRC on January 28, 2016. It’s time to make the photos, two of which are below, part of the historical record.

You can see Scanlon sitting behind his desk. Say what you will about Scanlon, he was an alpha male, for sure (though this fact isn’t obvious in the photo).

Today’s CRC is run by betas.

The beta males in the photos here are CRC’s part-time bookkeeper, Chris Krukewitt (wearing eyeglasses), and then-executive vice president (now president) Scott Walter.

Onward to mediocrity CRC marches.