Leftist moron whines about 9-year-old opinion piece, issues death threat

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It’s always a pleasure to hear from fans, even when they’re sputtering, violent, leftist morons.

This person, who gives his name as Richard Delaney, just wrote me about a provocative, widely misunderstood piece I wrote for American Thinker. The column, “Registering the poor to vote is un-American,” was published Sept. 1, 2011. My point was that registering poor people to vote at welfare offices was bad for society. That was my opinion then and it remains my opinion now.

The Richard Delaney name is almost certainly fake. According to my email service, the email account — richarddelaneyy@gmail.com — has been used only once. I received the email a few minutes ago at 12:24 a.m.

For the record (maybe this can help someone someday), here is the text of the email:

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, 12:24 AM, Richard Delaney <richarddelaneyy@gmail.com> wrote:

From: Richard Delaney <richarddelaneyy@gmail.com>
Subject: richarddelaneyy@gmail.com

Message Body:
Matthew Vadum? That’s your name? I’ll remember that name. You are as racist as you are unintelligent. I just read a bit of drivel with your name attached to it in a hilariously named place called American Thinker. You wrote that it is Un-American to register poor people to vote. I cannot help but point out that not all poor people are unproductive. Also, I would venture to guess that you did not grow up poor. Had you actually had to make a life for yourself, without the help of mommy and daddy, maybe you’d understand just how disgusting your opinion is. Actually, it’s unnerving and does nothing to encourage any motivation on my part to have a reasonable debate with you. There is no debate. You are wrong and a vile creator and I only hope the worst for you. President Obama, Thurgood Marshall, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and countless other black men throughout history, have more intellect in their pinky fingers than you will ever have and I hope that one day there is some legislation that involves making the PURGE legal, because if there is, which of course will not happen, I would love to send this opinion piece that you wrote to the inbox of any who who would like to know of such a nasty person, so as to see the front door of your house kicked in. As to what happens after that, well, you’d just have to know what a purge is all about. I’ll let you figure out the rest! Oh, and Mr. Vadum, while there is no purge and will never be a purge, you still are certainly VERY DESERVING of such a fate! If I happen to ever see your name in an obituary, I will do a happy dance the likes of which no one has ever seen, you fucking retarded piece of shit!

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