Hate crime hoax victim, elderly daughter of Holocaust survivor, fighting for her life in Milwaukee

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Tina Trent (website) is sending out an urgent appeal to help a victim in need.

Here it is:


Dear Friends,

Tina here.  I have never sent an email like this one before, which is why you can see the names of other people to whom I have sent this.  But please feel free to share it — MINUS THE OTHER NAMES AND EMAILS.  I’m just following my computer email prompts, so sorry for anyone I left out or put in inappropriately.
For about a year, I have been communicating with and helping an estate attorney called Stephanie Rapkin.  She lives in Milwaukee and is the daughter of a still-living Holocaust survivor.
Ms. Rapkin turned onto a street going home her usual way from a restaurant and drove into an (entirely unknown to her) illegal BLM “protest,” where she was surrounded by protesters, attacked, and then arrested for fighting back.  I happened to be awake and caught the overnight youtube coverage before a lot of it was taken down.  You who know me know that social media is not my forte (to say the least), and Paul was asleep, so I tried to cache it and at least transcribed some of it into writing, which barely captures the whole horror of the story.
She contacted me after I posted this:  https://tinatrent.com/stephanie-rapkin-64-was-attacked-by-a-violent-mob-then-threatened-at-her-home-now-shes-in-jail-plastered-on-newspapers-internationally-receiving-death-threats-and-facing-hate-crime-charges/.  I vetted her and observed the unfolding of the event, which is one of the worst cases of persecution by the legal system which I have seen in recent decades.
Ms. Rapkin is not a conservative.  I had to gain her trust.  But we should leave no victim of this sort of persecution behind.  She has lost her business built over many decades.  Her neighbors shun her and want her to leave.  She can’t leave her house and has received thousands of death threats.  Her neighborhood association wants her gone.
It would be an easier task to help her if she was a conservative.  But I still believe in helping her.  Someone from Mark Steyn’s staff suggested Bari Weiss to cover the story. I would appreciate it if you would circulate her story and offer any other suggestions, especially from City Journal, Frontpagemag, Andy Ngo, or other sites or people with whom she could communicate comfortably.  She is not in good shape and is also battling cancer.  The entire city and its media has turned against her.  They have honored her 18-year old attacker with money and awards and legal representation, and he is also suing her in civil court.  He says she reminds her of “his slavery” and that he is now permanently disabled.  The media is showing highly edited clips of the event.  The Milwaukee head of the ACLU is his lawyer.  Local stations covered all of her hearings. She’s clearly not able to process what is happening to her.
What I saw that night was a terrified, small, frail woman carefully park her car, leaving ample room for protesters on a large empty street, try to run away, get surrounded by idiot ANTIFA “medics” who realized they were losing control of the mob, then get pulled away from them and subjected to her 200-pound, taller, adolescent attacker who spewed vicious abuse as he screamed “bitch” at her inches from her nose.  She fought back merely by spitting in his general direction and has been accused of “trying to kill an innocent black boy” in the media ever since.
What I really need from you is to publicize this travesty and get me in touch with journalists, as centrist as possible, who can help her now.  I frankly fear for her life, and now that her own people have turned on her, and she is still afraid to reach out to others, we have to do that for her in the most effective way.  You can access a lot of material in the local news coverage online.  If you have an intern or volunteer looking for a project, helping me compile this material will help me help her more efficiently.
Thank you, Tina

(minor typos corrected by Matthew Vadum)

Photo: Stephanie Rapkin (GoFundMe)