Self-Parody Thy Name is Brad Friedman

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Brad Friedman of the Brad Blog is a desperate, energetic man with a lot of time on his hands.

The left-wing pseudojournalist hasn’t quite recovered from the bitch-slapping I gave him in June for, among other things, downplaying ACORN’s decades-long history of voter fraud. (He’s also never explained why he’s so close to a convicted domestic terrorist, his business partner the “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin. That’s his privilege.)

Since I’m now Friedman’s designated bogeyman on the right, he just predicted I wouldn’t report on the incident in the Wisconsin recall elections in which Americans for Prosperity reportedly sent out absentee ballot applications to its own members that contained a typographic error that provided the wrong election date.

A sample absentee ballot application posted online by the Politico is addressed to an AFP member.

Friedman’s correct that I wouldn’t normally report on a minor goofup for which the group at fault has already made amends. As a red-faced AFP-Wisconsin state director Matt Seaholm explained, “AFP-Wisconsin is directly addressing this mistake by sending out a call to each and every individual on the mailing list to clarify the date of the elections.”

Is this an attempt at “voter suppression,” as Friedman hysterically insists, or a simple mistake?

I find it very difficult to believe that AFP would try to deliberately confuse its own members about the date of an election it cares so much about.

Perhaps in Friedman’s mind AFP is conspiring against itself.