Democrat fundraising collapses in November

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If you only get your news from the Trump-detesting mainstream media you may be forgiven for thinking the Republican Party was on the verge of certain annihilation.

But fundraising figures tell a different story.

November was a disaster for the Democratic National Committee.

Come to think of it, so was all of 2017. The Democratic Party is in deep doo-doo.

The DNC ended November millions of dollars in debt, while the RNC finished the month with no debt and a fair bit of money in the bank, according to Federal Election Commission data.

Here is a summary from the Daily Caller:

Fundraising for the DNC saw its lowest point for November in ten years. The following is a yearly breakdown of DNC November fundraising:

2007: $4.4 million

2008 (Presidential election year): $48.4 million

2009: $5.9 million

2010 (Midterm election year): $26.1 million

2011: $6.7 million

2012 (Presidential election year, Democrat incumbent): $22.0 million

2013: $6.1 million

2014 (Midterm election year): $11.8 million

2015: $6.5 million

2016 (Presidential election year): $104.6 million

2017: $5.7 million

This is the lowest fundraising year for the DNC in an non-election year since 2007.

The DNC has reported low fundraising numbers all year. In June, Democrat nominee Jon Ossoff ran for Congress in Georgia’s 6th district in the most expensive House race ever, and lost.

The RNC closed November 2017 with $39.9 million cash on hand, while the DNC closed November 2017 with $2.6 million in debt.

With President Trump’s recent policy triumphs — tax reform, Jerusalem, and so on — things are only going to get better for Republicans. Democrats have learned nothing and seem hell-bent on self-destruction. This is a good thing.

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