“Chappaquiddick”: A cinematic dive into Ted Kennedy’s evil

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Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) was not merely misguided — he was a truly despicable, evil man.

He was a murderer, probably a rapist, and a traitor who offered his services to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, but Democrats refused to abandon him.

As Connie Hair has written, Kennedy was a man “who appeared to have no moral restraints whatsoever on his personal pursuit of raw political power.”

Kennedy, whose family is filled with reprobates, has been lionized by the media. Left-wingers have ignored and rationalized away his depravity for decades because they supported his political stances.

But an upcoming Hollywood movie, Chappaquiddick, may be about to drop some major truth bombs on Kennedy’s legacy. The film is scheduled to be released April 6, 2018 — unless some powerful left-winger can snuff it out before then.

On July 18, 1969, an apparently drunk Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts. He left young Mary Jo Kopechne, his presumed sexual conquest for the evening, in the submerged car to die as he sought legal advice and attempted to establish a phony alibi. Kennedy and his family used their pull to get Teddy a mere slap on the wrist so that the death of one of his sexual playthings wouldn’t interfere with his political career.

According to People, the picture “attempts to tell the story of what happened that night and why it took Kennedy some ten hours to report the accident to the local Edgartown police …”

The article continues:

The film, directed by John Curran, stars Jason Clarke as Senator Kennedy, Kate Mara as Kopechne, and Bruce Dern as Ted’s father Joe Kennedy. It’s based on the 1969 inquest into the accident.

The result is a haunting look back into the mystery that surrounds that night, when a group of six women who had worked for Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential bid and six men, including Ted Kennedy, gathered at a rented cottage on the island for a reunion party that ended in Kopechne’s death by drowning.

Kennedy, who claimed he made a wrong turn and accidentally drove off the bridge late at night, said that he tried to save Kopechne, who was trapped inside the car.

He later pleaded guilty to the charge of leaving the site of the accident and received a two month sentence and a year probation.

Could Chappaquiddick be a fair and balanced look at someone who has long been a hero to the Left?

In a few months, we’ll see.