Dems admit they need illegals for their votes: Leaked memo reveals they are fighting to make the DREAMer nightmare permanent

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Democrats at the Left’s premier think tank have finally admitted in a leaked memo that illegal immigration is key to their party’s future electoral success.

Republicans may not be angels but they have never wielded compassion as a cudgel the way Democrats do. But this memo ought to end Democrats’ phony compassion shtick for all time. Power is the only thing that matters to them. They don’t care about America or Americans. They care only about winning. Honest observers have known this for years.

What did Democrats actually do this time to help solidify their image as the party of power over principle?

Specifically, the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a sister organization of the Center for American Progress, distributed a brief to allies Monday calling the so-called DREAMers, that is, illegal aliens brought to the country at a young age, a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success,” the Daily Caller reports.

Democrats can’t win elections without cheating. They pushed the 1993 Motor-Voter law to make voter fraud easy to commit and difficult to prosecute. They oppose voter ID laws tooth-and-nail for the same reason. They changed immigration laws a long time ago so they could change the electorate by importing new voters.

That’s why left-wingers invented chain migration in the Sixties. It is a magic carpet that brings terrorists, public charges, and low- and no-skilled workers to the United States. Democrats rigged the game by modifying immigration law. The resultant tsunami of immigrants from authoritarian Third World countries over the past half century helped Democrats grow their political base. It supposedly takes generations for immigrant families to back away from collectivism and big government as solutions to life’s problems and become Republicans. Continued high immigration rates benefit Democrats and the crony capitalists who bankroll them, impoverish the workers already here, and virtually guarantee endless growth in the size and scope of government.

Worker skill levels dropped after the enactment of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) of 1965 which began the flood of immigrants from countries hostile to the traditional American values of limited government, individualism, and a healthy respect for markets and civil society. When the INA was overhauled, a “national origins” formula calculated to maintain the existing population demographic in the nation as of 1924, was dumped in favor of one based on immigrants’ skills and family relationships with U.S. citizens or residents.

Democrats aren’t stupid.

Protecting those who’ve benefited from former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy is so important to the Left that Democrats have to “refuse to offer any votes for Republican spending bills that do not offer a fix for Dreamers and instead appropriate funds to deport them,” reads the document dated Jan. 8 co-authored by CAP Action Fund President Jennifer Palmieri and Executive Director Navin Nayak. Both worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Palmieri was Clinton’s communications director; Nayak was her director of opinion research.

DREAMers, by the way, are the stuff of leftist myth. The misleading sobriquet comes from the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act, a legislative proposal to grant underage illegals immigration amnesty. The conceit was invented to promote the illegal immigration Democrats need to win elections. They’re not the rock stars or rocket scientists people like DNC chief Tom Perez claim. DREAMers tend to be less educated and less established than typical Americans.

Supporters of DREAMers created the expression to imply that these particular illegals were gifted individuals the U.S. could not afford to deport, perhaps like the talented defectors who seemed to flood out of the Soviet bloc during the Cold War. But the DREAMers bear little resemblance to defectors like movie director Milos Forman, ballet dancers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Alexander Godunov, athletes Sergei Fedorov, Martina Navratilova, and Nadia Comaneci.

Although the media has romanticized DREAMers, portraying them as heroic all-American figures worthy not just of sympathy but also admiration, many DREAMers seem ill-equipped for life in the United States.

“Watching television reports concerning Dreamers, one would think that the DACA program applied only to college-educated immigrants who were just a few years old when their parents brought them into the country illegally,” writes Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a former attorney at the Department of Justice.

We are led to believe that most are so fully Americanized that they would now have trouble speaking their native language and are all but ignorant of their birth countries’ cultural norms. Thus, we are supposed to believe, returning them to their native lands would be a cruel hardship.

But in the real world DACA-eligible individuals are underachievers. About 24 percent of them are functionally illiterate and 46 percent possess only “basic” English ability, he writes.

Only 49 percent of DACA beneficiaries have a high school education, even though a majority are now adults. And while military service could also qualify an illegal alien for DACA, out of the current 690,000 DACA beneficiaries, only 900 are serving in the military.

Left-wingers are now freaking out because President Trump indicated in September he intends to terminate DACA, which Obama unconstitutionally implemented by executive fiat, and gave Congress six months to come up with a legislative fix.

On Tuesday night a Democrat judge in San Francisco who must have failed First-Year Constitutional Law class in law school ordered the Trump administration to resume accepting renewal applications under DACA, a program even its creator, former President Obama, admitted was unconstitutional. “I am not king,” Obama said in 2010, adding the next year that with “respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case.”

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1999, ordered the Trump administration to resume accepting renewal applications from DACA status-holders who failed to meet an October deadline. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ belief the program was unlawful seems to be “based on a flawed legal premise,” Alsup ruled, based upon nothing apart from his personal policy preferences.

According to Sessions, DACA “contributed to a surge of unaccompanied minors on the southern border that yielded terrible humanitarian consequences.” Given that most DACA beneficiaries are now adults, “it also denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans by allowing those same jobs to go to illegal aliens.”

The CAP Action Fund memo also states that safeguarding the grotesquely unlawful DACA program is both the right and politically expedient thing to do.

“The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success,” states Palmieri’s memo.

“If Democrats don’t try to do everything in their power to defend Dreamers, that will jeopardize Democrats’ electoral chances in 2018 and beyond,” the memo states. “In short, the next few weeks will tell us a lot about the Democratic Party and its long-term electoral prospects.”

And the memo smears President Trump and Republicans as heartless racists playing to their supposedly bigoted voter base.

The Republican Party, particularly with Trump as its leader, has been plainspoken about its disdain for immigrants and is more interested in bashing immigrants to cater to its base than it is in acknowledging that immigrants are an important part of America’s social fabric.

In fact, almost no one on the GOP side has shown “disdain for immigrants,” including President Trump, but the Left’s narrative necessarily conflates immigrants with illegal immigrants so these radicals can paint their opponents as racist xenophobes. There is no anti-immigrant fervor in America. There is widespread revulsion at illegal immigration and the government’s long-running refusal to do anything about it. This backlash is what elected Trump.

Trump created the problem with DREAMers by not leaving DACA intact, the memo states.

If a legal challenge to the program had been brought he could have allowed it to be addressed by the courts. The current crisis could have been averted. Instead, Trump seized an opportunity to play to the racists in his base by proactively and abruptly ending the program.

Democrats have to stand with DREAMers “and do whatever it takes to ensure they remain in this country—often the only one they’ve ever known,” the memo states.

News of the memo comes after a televised White House meeting with lawmakers Tuesday at which President Trump seemed to embrace amnesty for illegal aliens after promising during the election campaign to enforce the law against them.

“I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with,” he said.

Trump spoke of legislation to be introduced in coming days by House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.). It is “absolutely vital” that Democrats be part of the process “because it should be a bipartisan bill. It should be a bill of love. Truly, it should be a bill of love, and we can do that,” he said.

The phrase bill of love seemed to echo GOP primary rival Jeb Bush’s fateful description of illegal immigration as “an act of love.” In August 2015 Trump posted a video online ridiculing Bush for the comment. “Love? Forget love, it’s time to get tough!” appears onscreen in the video after a clip of Bush’s statement.

Meanwhile, the new head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, emphatically supports amnesty for DACA illegals. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Customs and Border Protection are “child” agencies of DHS.

At her confirmation hearing Nov. 8, she said “we owe” amnesty to the illegal aliens now shielded from deportation under DACA.

“I believe that we must and we owe it to them to find a permanent solution,” she said of a prospective DACA amnesty that through the magic of chain migration could lead to an estimated 19 million foreign nationals immigrating to the United States legally. “It’s no way to expect anyone to live a month or two months at a time,” said Nielsen, pulling out the bogus we-have-to-bring-them-out-of-the-shadows argument.

Should conservatives be worried that Trump is going soft on a signature issue?


This article by Matthew Vadum first appeared Jan. 10, 2018, at FrontPageMag. (photo at top of Jennifer Palmieri from her Twitter profile @jmpalmieri)