Why does anyone listen to this traitorous nutbar William Kristol?

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Why does anyone listen to debauched alleged conservative Bill Kristol anymore?

His anti-Trump derangement has made him functionally insane. If President Trump supports something, Kristol opposes it reflexively even at the expense of his supposedly conservative principles.

Conservatives who aren’t sellouts to the awful U.S. Chamber of Commerce support the enforcement of immigration laws. Yet when Trump enforces such laws, laws that exist for a very good reason, Kristol is outraged. Today this has-been* complained on Twitter that “the pre-dawn raids on the 7-Elevens are bringing out my inner libertarian.”

So because someone he doesn’t like is president, to hell with the law. What an embarrassing excuse of a man.

This is not a one-off. Kristol has already indicated his preference for dictatorship over the choices of We The People. He said so in his infamous tweet on Valentine’s Day last year: “Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.”

Kristol may as well start wearing jackboots and clicking his heels.

In recent years this buffoonish pontificator has been wrong about more or less everything. There are multiple accounts on Twitter that mock him, making fun of his routinely terrible predictions.

One of my favorites is Kristol in History (@kristol_history). A sample: “OCTOBER 5, 1962: My quick review: Dr. No is a decent film, but I don’t think this “James Bond” character has much of a future in the movies.”

Now let’s take what the real Kristol said on “The Daily Show” on the same day in 2008 (Oct. 30) that I appeared on the show. Kristol predicted Barack Obama would be “a conventionally liberal president,” not a radical leftist hell-bent on fundamentally transforming America.

What an idiot.

*Is it fair to call Bill Kristol a has-been? What has he ever accomplished? Perhaps a never-been would be a more appropriate descriptor.